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Ep100: Debbie Page Whitlock, Laurie Helgoe, Donna Rowe, Susan Cain, Mary Anne Radmacher

December 24th, 2015 · Comments

This episode features the top five most downloaded episodes between 2010-2015. We hear interview excerpts from introverts Debbie Page Whitlock, Laurie, Helgoe, Donna Rowe, Susan Cain, and Mary Anne Radmacher.

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Ep99: David JP Fisher Helps Introverts Navigate Networking in the 21st Century

December 17th, 2015 · Comments

David J.P. Fisher (D. Fish) is a speaker, coach, and best-selling author of Networking in the 21st Century: Why Your Network Sucks and What to Do About It. Building on 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and sales professional, he combines nuanced strategy and real-world tactics to help professionals become more effective, efficient, and happy.

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Ep86: Sarah Jones Shares Secrets to Connecting in Love and Life

September 3rd, 2015 · Comments

Sarah_Jones_Introverted_Alpha_Headshot_5Sometimes, it’s good to mix a business with a little pleasure, and today’s guest is the perfect person to help us do that. We’re going to be talking about the introvert superpowers that we can tap into in order to form relationships, whether they’re romantic, platonic or professional.

While we often focus on various aspects of entrepreneurship in this podcast, I think it’s also important to address the more personal side of being an introvert. After all, how we show up in life is how we show up for our business. And how we form relationships is important whether we’re at work or at home. What I find interesting about my conversation with Sarah Jones is how often I notice the overlap between looking for love and networking, prospecting, or connecting with clients. And while Sarah’s focus is on introverted men, what she shares definitely offers insights for introverted women.


Sarah Jones founded Introverted Alpha to help smart introverted men attract women naturally. She’s been featured by Cosmo, Business Insider, The Good Men Project, YourTango, MSN, LifeHack, and more.

Connect with Sarah:

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Ep80: Yes, And and Beyond: A Conversation with Improv Pioneer Bob Kulhan

May 6th, 2015 · Comments

Stand up in front of a group. No script. No prep. No rules. This is improv in a way. Its not quite as scary as that, even though that set-up is likely to send many an introvert running in the opposite direction. And in fact, what looks like a completely spontaneous improv situation actually DOES have rules, and there are ways to prepare yourself. Sure, theres no script, but life doesnt have a script, so who needs one?

Ive spoken several times over the years about the power of improv and how it can be a transformative tool for introverts. In this episode, I talk to one of the first people to put the principles of improv together with the world of business.

BobKulhan.jpgBob Kulhan is an Adjunct Professor of Business Administration for The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University as well as an Adjunct Professor of Business for Columbia Business School, Columbia University. He also is the CEO of Business Improvisations. BI is a world-class leader in developing experiential learning programs for businesses.

Bob and I start by defining improv (it might not be what you think!), then talk about how it has grown to be an exciting alternative to traditional professional development offerings. He also offers some basic improv principles you can use to make networking more enjoyable, as well as tips for getting yourself off the mental hamster wheel.



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Get Big Things Done Through Connectional Intelligence with Erica Dhawan

February 27th, 2015 · Comments

EricDhawanHeadshot.jpgOur world is both hyperconnected and disconnected at the same time. How do we make sure we are emphasizing quality connections, instead of just having surface interactions? Erica Dhawan has dedicated herself to researching innovation and how it depends on the connection between people, ideas and things.

She is the co-author, along with Saj-Nicole Joni of the newly released book, Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence. Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take, has said about the book: “Get Big Things Done is a passionate look at a new wave of leaders. It’s full of inspiring stories about imaginative ways to forge meaningful connections and achieve audacious goals.”

Erica Dhawan is a globally recognized leadership expert and keynote speaker driving innovation across generations and cultures to prepare the global workplace for tomorrow. As one of the today's most provocative business thinkers, she is CEO of Cotential and has spoken, worldwide, including at the World Economic Forum at Davos. She writes for Forbes, HBR and Fast Company. She has degrees from Harvard, MIT and Wharton.

GetBigThingsDone_Cover.jpgBe sure to listen all the way to the end of the interview for a special free offer from Erica that will help you learn more about your own connectional intelligence!

Tags: Networking · Business Development · Entrepreneurship · Communication Skills

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