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Ep86: Sarah Jones Shares Secrets to Connecting in Love and Life

September 3rd, 2015

Sarah_Jones_Introverted_Alpha_Headshot_5Sometimes, it’s good to mix a business with a little pleasure, and today’s guest is the perfect person to help us do that. We’re going to be talking about the introvert superpowers that we can tap into in order to form relationships, whether they’re romantic, platonic or professional.

While we often focus on various aspects of entrepreneurship in this podcast, I think it’s also important to address the more personal side of being an introvert. After all, how we show up in life is how we show up for our business. And how we form relationships is important whether we’re at work or at home. What I find interesting about my conversation with Sarah Jones is how often I notice the overlap between looking for love and networking, prospecting, or connecting with clients. And while Sarah’s focus is on introverted men, what she shares definitely offers insights for introverted women.


Sarah Jones founded Introverted Alpha to help smart introverted men attract women naturally. She’s been featured by Cosmo, Business Insider, The Good Men Project, YourTango, MSN, LifeHack, and more.

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