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Ep135: Confessions of an Untraumatized 40-Something Happily Married Woman (BLOGCAST)

November 4th, 2016

Ep135: This post has been at least a year in the making. In true introvert fashion, I noticed a pattern of thought some time ago and took a while to process it internally, before it became so urgent that it had to be expressed externally. The catalyst for finally sharing it happened last week when I was being interviewed for a colleague’s podcast. She had asked me about challenges I’d overcome and what I’d learned from them. Once again, I was faced with this reality: I wasn’t sure I had any challenges worth sharing. When I told her this, she was intrigued and very interested in talking about it. And I realized that perhaps I wasn’t alone in my rather bizarre shame in not having walked through fire and come out alive with a really good story. That’s the backstory for today’s post, which is titled, Confessions of an Untraumatized 40-Something Happily Married Woman

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