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Ep128: Stephanie Chandler on Being a Savvy Nonfiction Author

September 14th, 2016 · Comments

Meta description preview:Stephanie Chandler of the Nonfiction Authors Association discusses navigating different publishing options and how being an author can boost your business.

Tags: Business Development · Publishing · Creativity · Entrepreneurship

Ep113: Arden Clise and Essential Etiquette for Professional Success

April 13th, 2016 · Comments

Arden Clise of Clise Etiquette joins the podcast to tell us about her new book and shares tips on digital diplomacy and talking politics.

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Tags: Personal Development · Social Media · Lessons Learned · Publishing · Entrepreneurship · Communication Skills

Smart Self-Publishing with Toni V. Martin

October 20th, 2011 · Comments

Toni25_1.jpgI know from numerous conversations that lots of you have a book inside, waiting to come out. But you might not be sure how to get started, or which path - traditional or self-publishing - is right for you. There's a lot of information out there, but much of it is far from neutral. This podcast interview with Toni V. Martin gives us some solid advice for considering which path is right for you, and in particular, how to move forward if you decide to self-publish.

Toni V. Martin is a ghostwriter, author, publishing consultant and founder of PowerBroker Media and She helps entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, consultants and anyone trying to get their message out there in a big way. She is the co-author of Atlanta Weddings for the Modern, Stylish, Chic Bride and author of Prepping for Prosperity: How to BE Rich Before You GET Rich.

In this lively interview, we cover a wide range of self-publishing dos and don'ts, as well as discuss:

  • How to decide what type of book to write
  • Who's involved in the process (hint: it takes a village!)
  • What introverts need to consider when building a platform and promoting their book
  • Toni's best advice for getting started and finding your focus

Tags: Marketing · Business Development · Publishing

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