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Ep149: Kwame Christian and Negotiating for Success

April 12th, 2017 · Comments

Negotiating isn't just always money; it's also about relationships. In this episode, Kwame Christian (American Negotiation Institute) offers tips to help us navigate tricky negotiation situations.

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Tags: Sales · Lessons Learned · Business Development · Entrepreneurship · Communication Skills · Relationships

Ep148: Lolly Daskal Helps Us Close the Leadership Gap

March 30th, 2017 · Comments

Lolly Daskal, author of "The Leadership Gap," gives an overview of the different archetypes and their gaps that have to be addressed to be your best self.

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Tags: Personal Development · Leadership · Communication Skills

Ep146: Patty K on Introducing Yourself with Ease

March 2nd, 2017 · Comments

Patty K works with entrepreneurs with diverse, eclectic businesses. She shares insights on introducing yourself so that people really get what you do.

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Tags: Networking · Sales · Communication Skills

Ep132: Kwame Christian on Negotiation Skills for Entrepreneurs

October 13th, 2016 · Comments

Kwame Christian, founder of the American Negotiation Institute, gives entrepreneurs tips on how to approach negotiations with strength and confidence.

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Tags: Sales · Entrepreneurship · Communication Skills

Ep118: Nancy Ancowitz on the Art of Self-Promotion for Introverts

June 9th, 2016 · Comments

Podcast episode with Nancy Ancowitz, author of "Self-Promotion for Introverts," about shining the light on your strengths with authenticity and integrity. From the archives of The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast (August 2010) with an updated intro and exit.

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Tags: Marketing · Sales · Business Development · Entrepreneurship · Communication Skills